Applications are welcome from students who have an academic background that indicates a potential for a successful experience and who can contribute to the Christian ideals of MBI. While the potential for academic success is a primary consideration, a student's goals, the recommendations he/she submits, and the Institute’s ability to serve the student are considered as well. Applications are accepted from any student without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, sex, age or handicap. Note: The School of Ministry prepares leaders for life, ministry, and gospel advancement. Not ordination, licensing or self-aggrandizement.


It is recommended that applicants possess a good understanding of Bible Doctrine and Biblical principles prior to seeking admission into the Minister’s program. 

Transcripts of all previous Theological academic work must be submitted to the Academic Dean of the Institute or the Director of The School Ministry.

A letter of recommendation is required from the applicant’s pastor.

All applicants are asked to complete a doctrinal entrance exam prior to admission into the Minister’s program.


Application: Each applicant must complete an Application for Admission prior to starting any class.

Application Processing Fee: Include with the completed application a check or money order in the amount of $50.00 (one time registration fee) payable to Monmouth Bible Institute.

School of Ministry



In the world of professional services, no doctor, teacher, lawyer or other public servant is allowed to serve the community without an apprentice program, internship, residency or supervised training. They are proven before they can go to work within their respective communities. However, in the church community this practice and procedure is not necessarily so. We have been guilty of sending men and women out before they have acquired their residency, internship, or supervised training to practice on people with the only thing they have forever, “their souls”. Knowing that if they make a mistake, eternity for the hearers could result in everlasting separation from God.

The Burden to Preach

Our burden for the office of the minister preacher, is not to take this office and position lightly. The Lord taught us that great men have occupied the office and died carrying the richest treasure there ever was, “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”. Therefore we don’t carry it lightly.

What is required?

It will be the student’s responsibility to make sure that all of his/her assignments are completed on the last day of the syllabus.

How does the ministers course help me?

The MBI ministers’ course is designed to help the bi-vocational preacher to be studious and yet maintain a working career as they train for the ministry.

Preaching, Teaching and Communication

The transformational leader serves and ministers under the authority of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. The leader must handle accurately the word of truth (II Timothy 2:15), manifesting a hermeneutically sound, theologically astute, and historically informed understanding and presentation of the New Testament and Old Testament. The leader must be able to apply the Word of God with a view to its relevance to contemporary cultures and to all facets of leading God’s people. Studies in preaching are designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of effective preaching. The Word of God is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). As such, it must be communicated with a view to sound biblical exegesis, as well as addressing contemporary people dealing in the context of life’s issues and concerns. The effective transformational leader should possess the ability to communicate the Word of God in a manner that produces lasting and healthy change at personal, interpersonal, organizational, community, and global levels. This includes preaching, teaching, leading small groups, and one-to-one communication of biblical truth.


Studies in preaching, teaching and communication will enable students to: 

1. Effectively communicate the Word of God to contemporary people and cultures;

2. Effectively prepare, communicate, and evaluate a variety of types and styles of sermons, with emphasis given to the approach to preaching;

3. Effectively communicate the Word of God in a variety of life situations; and

4. Effectively communicate the Word of God to a racially and culturally diverse world. 

Student Application / Reservation Fees (Credit Courses)


A $50.00 one-time registration/ application processing fee is required for every new student entering into the School Of Ministry curriculum.

A $25.00 non-refundable, non-transferable reservation deposit is required to enroll in any class for the trimester. This deposit will be applied to the trimester tuition cost and must be received no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the trimester class.

Tuition: Tuition cost (credit courses) is $75.00 per course. ( There are two courses in each trimester. = $150.00)

Tuition for regular SOM students:

1st Trimester: 

$50.00 (application/registration fee) + $25.00 (reservation fee) + $150.00 (two classes in the trimester) = $225.00 for the first trimester. 

2nd Trimester:

$150.00 (two classes in the trimester@ $75.00 each) = $150.00

3rd Trimester:

$150.00 (two classes in the trimester@ $75.00 each) = $150.00

First Year Tuition Total:

1st Trimester     $225.00

2nd Trimester   $150.00

3rd Trimester   $150.00


Total   $525.00

Second Year Tuition Total: (no fees required)

1st Trimester  $150.00 

2nd Trimester  $150.00  

3rd Trimester  $150.00


Total $450.00 (less App./Reg./Res. fees)

Two year Total: $975.00

(NOTE): Books and study materials are not included in the tuition cost 

Audit Student Fees (Non-Credit Courses)